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Introducing Lori Bestler
  • Reach: Higher Levels of Success
  • Overcome: Self-Imposed Limitations
  • Create: A Life of No Regrets
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Mind Power and Positive Thinking Through Speaking, Coaching & Hypnosis - Lori Bestler


Unleash Your Potential-Uplevel Your Life

Hi!  I'm Coach Lori.  Are you looking for change and a better way of living? I can help. I have invested over 11 years developing a powerful Rapid Results Mind Coaching Program and Audio Series that has helped thousands of men and women create the conditions for their best and highest self to emerge personally and professionally.

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I specialize in working with high level busy minded entrepreneurs and business professionals, who want assistance in transforming negative and destructive thoughts, beliefs and behavior into more life enhancing systems. We begin by assessing your particular problematic patterns that are self-defeating, then identify areas of focus for creating a powerful customized plan to improve your life. Through this program you learn how to more quickly and easily eliminate blocks and barriers to success. You will also be able to cope with life's challenging situations with more control, peace of mind, and self-satisfaction. Truly, the better it gets, the better it gets as a result of Rapid Results- Mind Empowerment Coaching program!

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Our Rapid Results Mind Coaching program is POWERFUL...

Based on your goal, by the end of the program you will have begun to shape an EMPOWERED MIND for true and lasting success in all areas of your life; relationships, career, finances, fulfillment, health-mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  You'll learn how to shift your inner language more effectively, cast out negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, increase your self-awareness, focus and confidence, reduce your stress, stop procrastinating, feel greater peace of mind and self-esteem. You will have your own private, customized guide book as a "road map," to do what it takes to live the life you desire most.

How Can I Help YOU?  

Maybe you want MORE...
  • Control of your life
  • Improved relationships, health, happiness
  • Financial success
  • Productivity/organization
  • Peace of mind
  • Better sleep
  • Self love; self-worth, self-confidence, self-satisfaction 
  • Clarity and focus; know what you really want, who you are
  • Follow-through, finish what you start
  • Positive thinking
  • Motivation to achieve your goals 
Maybe you want LESS...
  • Procrastination
  • Feeling rushed, overwhelmed, distracted
  • Paper piles, confusion, chaos, exhaustion
  • Negativity; limiting beliefs, self doubt, worry, imagining the worst
  • Sleep problems
  • Racing mind  Here is what "busy minds" often say to yourself...
  • Anxiety or Stress
  • Bad habits: Weight problems-Emotional/Boredom Eating, Sugar cravings, Nail biting, Etc.
  • Instability, Out of control
  • Relationships problems, conflict
  • Communication problems
"You really CAN take charge of your life and health and achieve any goal you wish when you learn how to use the natural power of your mind."  

As a matter of fact, for thousands of individuals, through my customized coaching program, speaking presentations, Rethinking Reality Retreat and products their experience has been LIFE-CHANGING! 

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