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Kintsugi Renewal - 2019 Women's Retreat Focus PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lori Bestler   
Monday, 15 October 2018 10:33

Our 2019 retreat is shaped around the ART of KINTSUGIa lavish technique meaning "golden repair" for repairing broken ceramics.

Kintsugi is an amazingly powerful visual metaphor reminding us to recall and focus on our past experiences as if they were designed to illuminate our value. Our life has a reputation of breaking us – it’s an unavoidable part of living. In those times where we feel like a failure, or fear making mistakes we can turn to our retreat memento and remember how every broken part of our past is golden. And when you can repair that brokenness and bring yourself back to wholeness, such as through our retreat, you are much stronger and valuable than ever before.

In reality, some of the most crushing and painful moments that result from being human and imperfect, teach us the most. The process of transcending brokenness in life to something quite precious and valuable is quite similar to the practice of repairing broken ceramic with golden bonding which is much stronger than it originally was.

Our retreat artist, Shelia Waldoch, a favorite of our attendees, will guide us in a process of repairing a piece of broken ceramic provided for you at the retreat. 

Lori Bestler will provide inspiring messages over the 3 LIFE ENRICHING DAYS to heal brokenness, empower the essence of one's higher self, and set the stage for everyone to leave transformed and uplifted.

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Need more reasons to attend?

View photo clips from our fabulous 2018 retreat... WATCH NOW!

Our transformational retreat is framed by the 3-R’s:

• Renew your mind, body and spirit; melt the stress and overwhelmed feelings away, enjoy soul enriching exercises and faith strengthening experiences for “higher self” living

• Refocus your future; cast out the inner useless clutter for manifesting what you want

• Rethink Your Reality; establish positive thought patterns, visualize success, and rewire your brain to generate life-changing results in less time


Influential women like YOU need to allocate a larger period of dedicated time to allow your brains to reset, refocus, and be reprogrammed.  One day doesn’t do it. A weekend getaway will!!! The Cameorose Country Estate’s inviting environment will enable each unique individual to tune into the essence of the best of all that they are.  Leave feeling focused, confident, capable and invigorated…ready to realize the reality you're creating!  Are you ready?   


Women who are "BUSY"; business owners, independent professionals, or leaders-which is most women who care for and influence their families, friends, co-workers, clients, communities and all who they encounter.  You know you need a break from your (often exhaustive) efforts to make a greater impact in your own life and the life of others!

NOW THEN...the only thing that is missing is YOU!

Are you willing to pass up this opportunity for catapulting your growth; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally and personally?  

I didn't think so!

Join us at the “Rethinking Reality” Retreat and get ready to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. 

Move things around in your calendar, make your registration and I will see you on March 1st or sooner.  

You’ll be glad you did!

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Space is limited.  Register early for the money savings and extra day!!!

Last Updated on Monday, 15 October 2018 12:49

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