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MindScapes UnLimited Creed

The MindScapes UnLimited Creed by Lori Bestler

Wake Up to a Whole New "MindScape"


“We are what we think.  All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world”.  Buddha

"Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you. Eliminate them from your consciousness." Wayne Dyer

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Read Creed Daily if Possible... 

I believe that thoughts become reality and you get what you focus on.  

Therefore I focus on the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES for living a life I love.


I compare myself to no one but myself.


Each morning I am refreshed and renewed.

I am what I ingest, feel and do.

I pay attention to what I allow my mind and mouth to ingest.

I think and eat that which is nourishing to my spirit and body.

I eat to live, eating that which energizes, strengthens, and supports a healthy brain and body.

I exercise and feel energized.

I rest and am rejuvenated.

I meditate and am at peace.

I take notice of what I am feeling.

I focus on thoughts that help me feel confident, in control and at peace.

I feed my soul thoughts that encourage and uplift my spirit.

I see, hear, and do that which gives me hope to live my dreams.

I take actions that assure I love my life and I love me.

I am worthy of a great life.

I am living a meaningful life with passionate purpose.

I give love and am loved.

I am generous, I receive generosity.

I am helpful, I am helped beyond imagination.

I ask for what I want and help others get what they want when I am able.

I am mindful of people's personal journey, and respect their beliefs and boundaries.

I honor the talents each person has to become our highest, healthiest visions.

I will move past my problems and focus on my desirable outcomes. 

Even though life has challenges, I choose to look for reasons to be grateful in the process. 

I am courageous, and capable of breaking-through barriers and my fears. 

Each day and in every way I AM getting better and better.

Something good is about to happen.  Whether great or small, I will appreciate them all.

My today will be greater than yesterday.

My tomorrow will be greater than today.

I choose to be healthy, happy and successful and act accordingly.

I choose to step into my greatness.

I am in control.

Life is good. 

Be still for a while and listen to the calmness with a grateful heart.
Rest now in your awesomeness.
Relax and be still and know that the impossible soon will appear so simple.
You my friend are loved.
You are preparing to live your life to the fullest, getting the most life out of your day, no longer worried about death.
You are always safe and secure, even in the midst of uncertainty and strife.
From life to death to life, light to darkness to light, such is the journey.
Please rest now and relax, soon, and maybe sooner than you think you will excel above your expectations.
You will shine in the darkest places.
Your brilliance will be seen by all.
Rest in the protection of love; feel the acceptance of all that you are, and accept others as they are.
Notice how you are filled with peace and joy.
Trust that you will be lifted up when you need it most.
You are blessed.

As you read the MindScapes Creed daily, we suggest you pay attention to the statement that moves you the most and meditate on what these words mean to you. This is not meant to be a chore, or something you rush through.  It is a gift you give yourself, a way to renew the spirit of your mind and remember what is important and that you are amazing in your own right.

Watch this video daily.  INSPIRED! 

This is for reasons of driving a feeling of excitement that motivates you to follow your dreams.  When you are successful you have far more to offer others, to help the poor, to make more choices, to be more in control.  This is not intended on focusing on materialism but fulfilling your dreams, whatever they may be.  Embrace them!

Take 10 minutes to envision your desirable outcomes, and feel how you feel, notice what you see and what is exciting or good about that. 

Practice makes progress so keep reading this creed aloud.  And soon, maybe sooner than you think, good things WILL begin to manifest into your life. 

Be abundantly blessed,

Lori Bestler

Reprint this article; free... as long as proper credit is given.  Just include the following notation. 

About Lori

This article was written by Lori Bestler; Lori Bestler is founder and owner of the Mindscapes Unlimited Mind Coaching Center, a transformational coaching and mind enhancing facility that specializes in empowering busy minded entrepreneurs and independent business professionals. 

Lori developed the Strategic Mind Coaching program and the Mindscapes “Rapid Results” audio series for “Empowering Busy Brains”. For over 28 years, she has transformed thousands of men and women’s lives. As a Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker, Lori helps clients be crystal clear about who they are and master their mind to release limiting thoughts, beliefs and change behavior. Implementing Lori’s turnaround strategies ignites a level of confidence and empowered self-identity to propell success and strengthen the ability to achieve goals while enhancing a state of well-being. 

Her commitment to the health, wealth and well-being of the busy minded population has made her a sought after speaker and trainer in the corporate world as well as the coaching community. 

You can learn more about Lori’s coaching and speaking programs, products, and useful resources at or call 651-260-4540. Free 30 minute strategic coaching consultations available.  

© MindScapes UnLimited Mind Coaching Center Lino Lake MN Lori Bestler


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